We help clients to...


  • Inbound marketing & lead generation
  • International distributors / franchisees
  • Market influencers (PR, KOLs, academics)

... Communicate

  • Social networks
  • SEO, SEA, Web marketing
  • Traditional media campaigns 
  • Internal/HR Communication
  • Training and E-learning

... brand

  • Branding, Brand story telling
  • Visual identity
  • Corporate Communication
  • Showrooms, Corporate Museums and Experience


Global lead generation

Client and case : A leading US air-conditioner manufacturer conducted a global campaign to promote new benefits.

Elson Approach: working along several other AMIN agencies, Elson was in charge of the media strategy, planning and buying in China. It covered 30 media (online, offline, Chinese social networks, etc... ) with dozens of creatives and generates 100,000s of views.


Corporate Communication : values and creatives

Client and case: a leading F+B international company looking to fine-tune its corporate values and story to better fit the Chinese market.

Elson Approach: We tested the relevance of the existing brand values on the Chinese market, identified gaps and baselined a new set of corporate values tied to the local market and brand credentials. We then created a set of aligned corporate communication material: brand story, website content, coffee table books and corporate brochure and video.


Interactive training material

Client and case: A US crane manufacturer was looking to make its training material more approachable, flexible and user-friendly to promote safety and direct access to its service teams.

Elson approach: We digitalized the existing training material which opened new doors for adding video content, gamified tests and direct access to additional resources. The content is easily updated and delivered on computer and mobile devices, improving equipment reliability and user safety.


 Branded experience / showroom

Client and case: A leading pharmaceutical is looking to design its corporate showroom by providing an immersive experience for visitors and young recruits attending a integration program.

Elson approach: We mapped the user needs and benchmarked immersive technologies. We created the "dreamlab concept" and designed  several user experiences within the same facilities, with extensive use of interactive technologies. We supported the client during the design and construction to ensure compliance.


Branding and visual identity

Client and case: An international electric equipment manufacturer was looking to refresh its 25 year old brand to reflect their new market focus (visual and tagline)

Elson approach: We crafted and tested dozens of taglines and visuals to different user groups, revamped the entire brand image and drafted the brand book. The new brand has a huge visual impact and is yet flexible to be applied to dozens of material (packaging, displays, delivery trucks,...)


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